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Jan 30 2006

Photo shoot of Chelcey and her cousin Jodi with ropes in the park.   HD TV 1080i sample. Click here.

Nov 11 2005

Chelcey and Kassie Lingerie photo shoot, 385 pics. 1 hour Video of session also. Putting together DVD. On this shoot I was using the Digital Fuji S3 Pro Camera (12meg).

Playing with the Cannon D5 full frame 12meg camera at the moment. Will have to compare and see the difference. Shooting in the Cameras RAW format is almost like shooting with film. The raw files are around 25meg per pic. Getting close to that scratch and sniff quality. (grin)

Also playing around with HD Video and Editing. Will be producing some HD DVD's here in the future. So if your computer is hooked up to a HD TV with

 1920 x 1080 (1080i) or 1280 x 720 (720i)  HD modes you should be able to view these DVDs. Will be putting out some HD slide shows with the pics at 1920x1080 res to show on HD sets also.


 May 2005


Chelcey and Kassie Photoshoots.

Added models - Katy, Tiffanie and Ciarra

Working on DVD sets 

Check in now and then for updates.


 New Projects and Ideas

Been working on some custom photoshoots. Stay tuned.


Kevin from PrimeReflections

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