Megan Fox is sweaty in a corset

The film Jonah Hex is coming out soon, and because the people who made it know that the only reason anyone watched Transformers was because Megan Fox was in it, they keep reminding us that Megan Fox is in it. The 24-year-old must be one of the easiest people ever to have in a film you’re making because all you need to do to ensure people hear about it is get her sweaty and put her in a corset. Look see:

In fact, you don’t even need to get her sweaty. The world is so full of lies these days they probably just squirted her with water to create the illusion of sweat. Disgusting. Water is bullshit. We want Megan Fox’s pong and we want it now. We want her to roll around with pigs, run a marathon, sit in a really hot car, go to a spin class and not wash for a week then waft herself in our direction. A bit like this:

We could do without Josh Brolin’s pong though. He looks like he probably smells of beef that’s been left in the fridge for too long, has gone that weird brown colour and shares an odour mysteriously similar to Carling. Yes, Carling smells of gone off meat. And tastes of piss. As a combo, that’s not ideal.

Here is the Jonah Hex trailer:

Megan Fox is sweaty in a corset | Girls | 15 Jun 2010 |

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