Incredible 52 Canon EOS cameras “Matrix” style setup!

We’ve seen some pretty incredible stuff lately, but how about this set up of 52 Canon EOS 5D Mark II (we’ve been notified that they’re NOT 5D2s) cameras working together to make a “Matrix” like movie move for the Rip Curl surfing site? Stunning! I’ve always loved that look of moving around a frozen image of something really in motion and to see it done for surfing is just outstanding. It doesn’t hurt that they used my favorite camera either.

UPDATE: Based on the comment below – I would have to agree… they aren’t Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs but likely older 40Ds or maybe Canon Rebel T1i/500D cameras. There is a spot in the video where the gentleman says “Canons” and they sure look like either 40D or T2i cameras. Definitely not 5D2s. We apologize for not looking closely enough, we’ll be a bit more careful next time. I highly recommend watching it on 720HD setting.

From the youtube post:

Early in 2010, in collaboration with Timeslice Films, we (Rip Curl) took on an ambitious world first in surfing as part of a campaign shoot in Malaysia’s Sunway Lagoon Wavepool. Capturing the surfing of Mick, Steph, Owen and Wilko with 52 cameras all at once. You’ve seen the Matrix right? Well, this is the same technology applied to surfing.

The footage above will give you an idea of what went into the shoot; the dramas, the results and footage that hasn’t been seen in a format like this. Ever.

Now, to add to the excitement, the makers put together this BTS video to tease you even more – tho I imagine the headaches from a 4 hour rain storm made the whole shoot a bit more stressful!

Now, wouldn’t that be fun to play with?

[source: hypebeast via a tip on twitter from @Vince_Believer]

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Incredible 52 Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera “Matrix” style setup! | planet5D-Canon HDSLR news.

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