Girls with Guns !!! From around the World

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Girls With Guns 2
Image by Bella March via Flickr

Girls with Guns

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Never argue with a female with a Gun !!!  (Grin)

I like the one from Sweden 🙂

Here we go……


Wow, what kind of gun is that?  I want one 🙂   Looks nasty..

Ok, the one in the middle, ouch, she can hurt me anytime (grin)

Sure would like to go flying with her 🙂

Hmm, I think their woman, they might not have guns but I bet they could still hurt ya. 🙂

Ok, Girls with Big Sticks !!!

Girl with Gun - Emerald City Comicon 2009
Image by artvixn via Flickr

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Warms the heart, doesn’t it? It really does. I love how they’re not even standing on the ground, but in chairs and on the table. Safety first, you know? Oh, and for all you 3 to 7-year old Geekologie readers out there, these are NOT the girls you’re gonna want to date in ten years. And not just because they’ll snipe you for breaking up with them, because you’ll probably never even live that far. No, long before your parting headshot their father is gonna blow you a new a-hole for bringing them home late. Just sayin’, you want to go #2 out the side of a buttcheek for the rest of your life? Of course you do, you’ll be able to handle all your waste management at a urinal. I know I’m jealous!

Family Funs with Children and Guns [obviouswinner]

Girls with Guns (album)
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Thanks to Chris, who agrees guns are an important part of a child’s development.

Girls with guns
Image by valiant ho via Flickr
Girls With Guns
Image by Bella March via Flickr
Swedish soldier during World War Two.
Image via Wikipedia
Girls with Guns
Image by Templarion via Flickr
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