AWOL Nation – Sail with Yamaha MM6 and PSR-E333 Play along

Love this song. Just getting the hang of this tune so this is version 01a :). Anyone have the FL Drums for this song?
I have both Keyboards in a Split instrument options. The E333 I have the right side set on Pizz. Str and on the left it is set to Syn Brass. On the MM6 I have the Faaat Dance on the right and Long Split Bass on the Left side.
Still learning on these things, way to much fun. If you have done the same, leave a comment on your version.
Enjoy !!
Rock on !!!

Here is another one with Funny cats

Sail with these silly girls – Home made video – Nice job!


Amazing what people can do !!

Yamaha MM8

Yamaha MM8 (Photo credit: jochenWolters)

English: Yamaha MM6

English: Yamaha MM6 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Sail (Photo credit: Jagrap)



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