The Only Time You Can Drink and Drive

We need more of these 🙂


Caztek Engineering has built a bike-bus that carries 14 people and moves by pedal power. As in, you sit and cycle to move the bus. The only redeeming thing? It’s a moving bar—you’re supposed to drink and drive.

The bike-bus, called the CityCycle, maxes out at 6mph so it’s pretty damn slow but it does have in-floor coolers, room for a keg, storage, purse hooks, cup holders, LEDs, and a six-speaker sound system. The man up front steers the whole get up, so make sure he’s sober, but the rest of you can drink and cycle your heart away. I’m pretty sure I’ll have stopped peddling by beer number two though. [Core77]

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Sun 22 May 2011 7:39 PM
I am pretty sure this violates “open container” laws in most states, and this is definitely a moving vehicle.

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Mon 23 May 2011 3:07 PM

I’m the owner of the City Cycle and the company City Cycle Tours. The driver of the vehicle is always an employee, they control all the essential functions of the vehicle, steering, breaking and overall speed. Therefor, those pedaling are still considered passengers and not operators which is why they are allowed to drink on the vehicle and not receive a DUI. Also, the vehicle does not violate open container laws because it is considered a non-motorized limousine, as long as the passengers are on the vehicle, which would be considered inside the confines of the vehicle, they cannot receive tickets for this. The vehicle is also rented like a limousine, a group would decide the date and time they would like to take it out and also what route they would like to go on and would then call City Cycle Tours to set everything up.

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The Only Time You Can Drink and Drive – Gizmodo.


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