SpaceShipTwo Returning to Earth Looks Awesome



MOJAVE, CA - DECEMBER 7:  Project team members...

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Virgin Galactic has tested the return capabilities of their SpaceShipTwo spacecraft for the first time. The video of its first feathered flight is just too beautiful and elegant to describe. Just watch it:



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SpaceShipOne hanging under White Knight

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A NASA astronaut jokingly advertises a recover...

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The test was conducted at the Mojave Desert, in California. WhiteKnightTwo lifted the suborbital spacecraft to the skies and then released it. Shortly after breaking free, SpaceShipTwo started its feathered descent maneuver. The video—which was taken with telescopic cameras provided and operated by the Clay Observatory—demonstrates that Burt Rutan’s shuttlecock technology works like a charm. Such a simple design, yet so effective. This is exactly why I love aircrafts and engineering.


MOJAVE, CA - DECEMBER 7:  Virgin Galactic unve...

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The 27-foot wingspan ship—which has a cabin of just 12 feet (3.66 meters) long by 7.5 feet (2.28 meter) in diameter—will take six people to space for $200,000 a head when it’s operative. Start saving, people!

Then send me your money.


SpaceShipTwo Returning to Earth Looks Just Awesome – Gizmodo.


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