Monster solar eruption captured on camera

We lucked out on this one. These Monsters can really screw up are electronic communications and power grids.

A Solar Flare, image taken by the TRACE satell...

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This huge solar flare certainly lives up to its name. It’s called the Monster Prominence, and was filmed by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory when it exploded on 24 February. The magnetic eruption has been sped up here (see video) but in reality it twisted and flared for 90 minutes.


It’s not the largest flare ever recorded on the sun, and luckily it was facing away from the Earth’s surface, says news channel CNN so it won’t disrupt satellites or radio communications.

Last week, Jane Lubchenco, chief of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, warned of the potential disruption of solar activity to power grids and networks.


Filament erupting during a solar flare, seen a...

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To find out more about solar flares, check out this recent video and blog post about how seemingly independent solar flares are connected.

First light image from Solar Dynamics Observat...

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New Scientist TV: Monster solar eruption captured on camera.


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