TRON SOUNDTRACK and up coming Movie


The geeks are getting pretty excited about the upcoming sequel tothe 1982 hacker movie Tron.
Tony Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges in both movies, is the protagonist.
The soundtrack for the sequel is by Daft Punk, and the website that has been put up for the
soundtrack contains an excellent easter egg – an ascii image of Flynn/Bridges from the first movie.

See and view source, you’ll see the image.
Note that we haven’t actually confirmed that this is an official site for the movie or the soundtrack,
but it looks legitimate and it’s cool either way.

Comic-con has begun! The convention which is annually held in San Diego is focused on the comics but each and every franchise in the entertainment industry has dug their heels deep into the event with press conferences, interviews, exclusive previews and more to promote, promote, promote. So what’s the one thing we care about the most this year in regards to music? The exact same thing we obsessed over last year at Comic-Con: Tron: Legacy. Why? New. Daft. Punk. Music.

We’re sure we can name off some other films and projects that are just heavy in music news but since we’ve started this quest for new Daft Punk last year, we’re sticking to it.

According to the The Playlist, a brand new spanking and much longer official trailer for Tron: Legacy was revealed at the film’s press conference for Comic-Con today. In The Playlist’s own words, the trailer “caused a collective pants jizz among the movie community” which is beginning to convince the film community that its greatness may, indeed, surpass our current obsession with Inception.

Our sister site, ScreenCrave is currently in the midst of all the Comic-Con action and reports Jeff Bridges of “stealing the show.” He seems to be pretty great in this trailer as well but what we can’t help but wonder as music geeks is… what’s that background music? Are we hearing snippets of Daft Punk’s score to the film? It sounds wonderfully dark with electronic bursts here in there to twist the melodies around enough to tickle the ear. Just like we can only speculate that the soundtrack is coming into both our hands and ears on November 23rd, we can do the same for this trailer.  Either way, it’s a rush to watch the trailer and get pumped up for some new Daft Punk material.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think!

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