Bikers Will Get Ticket If They Ride In Black Hawk, CO

Its bikes now, then no people walking. Next – No Cars or Trucks 🙂

Stupid laws – With all the money they make, they should make a bike path.   Just add this to the long list of Colorado’s  Stupid laws.


Ride a bike through Black Hawk and expect to get a ticket. Black hawk is the only town in Colorado to ban people from riding bicycles on any street in town.

It’s kind of sad, you know, it really is. I mean, Colorado is one of the top cycling states in the country,” Rick Melick of the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club said.

Melick was told Black Hawk’s ban is because the streets are narrow and do not have shoulders.

Black Hawk City Manager Mike Copp says with tour buses and delivery trucks in and out of street-side casinos, it would be unsafe for bicyclists and everyone else.

“What we’re trying to accomplish is what’s best for our citizens and our businesses, which are the casinos and our visitors, which visit the casinos, and we have pretty much support from them,” Copp said.

The bicycle ban was actually passed unanimously in January. Up until June, police had only been issuing warnings. Now those who take the gamble of peddling through Black Hawk will get a $68 fine.

“We have ticketed eight bicyclists at my last count,” Copp said. “It seems like a lot of our bicyclists that were coming through weren’t paying any attention to those signs.”

The ban is a direct result of a state law passed last year that said motorists have to provide 3 feet of space when they pass a bicyclist.

“Other than that, I think they would welcome bicyclists, but with the new state law, I think they’re afraid somebody’s going to get hurt,” Ed Smith from Floyd Hill said.

“The casinos bring a lot of revenue in. If that’s a problem, why not make the streets better? Why not provide cycling areas, or cycling lanes?” Melick said.

Copp says it’s the same problem — narrow streets in one of Colorado’s oldest and smallest towns where Manny Lavato says his bike is all he has to get around.

“That’s all I do is ride a bike. That’s how I transport,” Lavato said.

Bikers Will Get Ticket If They Ride In Black Hawk –

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