Bikini coffee shop sparks boycott in Colorado

Editors comment – Hmm, how can someone complain  about a female in a Bikini? I think all this fuss about it will be free advertising for the business and bring more people into the area even if they don’t like coffee 😀

AURORA, Colo. (AP) – A suburban Denver city councilwoman is urging people to boycott businesses near a coffee shop that sends bikini-clad women onto nearby city streets to advertise.

Councilwoman Molly Markert sent a letter of complaint, signed by about 30 Aurora residents, to the manager of the property where Perky Cups operates.

Markert suggested in the May 20 letter that the women promoting the coffee shop were in danger of being “raped and murdered.” She wrote that the petition signers have pledged to not buy anything at the shopping center until the women stop advertising in the streets.

Perky Cups owner Jason Bernal says his 10 employees aren’t at risk and that Markert’s letter went overboard.

Nearby storeowners are divided on whether the bikini-clad coffee saleswomen are helping or hurting business.

AP News: Bikini coffee shop sparks boycott in Colo..

An employee at Perky Cups waves to cars near East Iliff Avenue and South Peoria Street in Aurora on Wednesday.

Perky Cups Girls Become Bikini Weenie Sellers

Coffee Shops Sells Hot Dogs To Bring In More Business

AURORA, Colo. — The bikini-clad waitresses at the Perky Cups coffee shop in Aurora prompted calls to police when they started selling hot dogs on the street Wednesday.Perky Cups bills itself as a sexy themed coffee shop. The company’s website says, “We strive to make your visit fun and joyful all at the same time. Each day we offer a different sexy theme for our shops while serving up some great drinks for you to enjoy or to help kick off your day.”On Wednesday, the coffee shop at Peoria Street and Iliff Avenue set up a grill, tent and tables outside and started grilling hot dogs to sell.

We’re trying to hustle new customers anyway we can,” Amber Langdon, a manager at Perky Cups told 7NEWS and TheDenverChannel.Langdon said selling the hot dogs helped business and she expects the bikini weenies crew, as she calls them, will be out whenever the weather is nice, especially on Wednesdays.Langdon said some drivers in the area were concerned the bikini girls would cause an accident so they called police.Langdon said an officer told her, “Any accidents would be the responsibility of the driver and not the girl in the bikini.”Perky Cups is in the process of opening three more locations in the metro area.

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