Make way for Google’s Chrome OS and New Laptop

Google has a their very own computer (Cr-48) in the works whose operating system will be cloud based. “Google thinks the Cr-48, which relies on the Web for all its software applications, can compete with conventional laptop computers.”

Very much like next-gen phones, which depend on stores for content and apps, their operating system (Chrome OS) will be based on that same principal. If you have ever messed around with an iPad, then you have an idea of what Google has in store. Think of purchasing Photoshop, games, movies, music, etc… right from one web store instead of many sites.

Personally, I believe this will remove all the freedoms that a computer gives a user, but we won’t know what Google has up their sleeves until they unveil their OS to the public. It is currently being tested and it should be in the market around mid-2011

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Here’s a quick video from Google to tell you more about it


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You can apply for their “Pilot Program” to beta test the computer for yourself! It’s easy to apply, but don’t think it’s that easy to get one… Millions of people are competing to get their hands on it too!

Make way for Google’s Chrome OS | HotTips!.

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