HyperDock is really nice for the Mac OS

HyperDock is a small application that adds a ton of features to your Mac dock with a few simple settings. Currently in public beta, the app is free, but once a final version is released it will be available for download for a small fee.

This lightweight app is packed with lots of great features that will change the way you use your dock, making you more productive. It adds a few small but essential features to the Mac OS, making switching between programs faster and more intuitive. A lot of these features are in fact already available in Windows 7, namely through Aero Effects, and HyperDock brings them to the Mac OS in a sleek and elegant manner.
Upon installing HyperDock, you will be prompted to enable access for assistive devices, if you don’t have it enabled already. This is found under Universal Access in your system preferences, but when you first install and launch it, HyperDock will take you straight to the window.

windows 7 for mac

You are then ready to start customising HyperDock to suit your personal preferences. Any time you want to change these preferences, you can do so through your System Preferences.Your first choice is whether or not you want to enable dock items preview. This feature has already been seen in Windows 7, with Aero Peek, and it fits right in with the appearance and utilisation of the Mac OS.

windows 7 on mac

When hovering over the dock icon, you will see a small preview pane showing what can be seen in that program without pulling up the screen. If you have several browser windows open, for example, it will show you each one side by side, and as a result, making it easy to switch from one window to the next from the comfort of your dock. Hovering over the actual preview pane itself will display the window in question, even if it’s minimised.

windows 7 on mac

The preview feature is further customisable. Amongst other settings, you can choose whether or not to enable dock items preview for minimised windows and windows from all spaces. You can also choose whether or not to display special features for certain apps – specifically displaying any events for the current day when hovering over the iCal icon, and the currently playing track in iTunes, in addition to allowing you to control music playback from your dock.

windows 7 for mac

The appearance of the preview pane itself is customisable, allowing you to choose the size, the background and whether or not to include a button with which you can close the application from the dock, yet another feature that will help boost your productivity, even in the smallest of ways.

In addition to giving you extra features in your dock, HyperDock also enables a variety of shortcuts making it easy to hide or quit apps, move between spaces and move and resize windows. With HyperDock you can also move windows from one space to another and enable window snapping, when windows are dragged to the edge of the screen, much like Windows 7’s Aero Snap.

Have you installed HyperDock? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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  1. LMaui

    I installed it, used it for a while and liked it, then made the mistake of trying to buy it when the beta expired.

    I paid on Paypal, not notification from Paypal that they got the money but no response from them. I have also emailed them as directed with no response, it has been a week now and nothing.


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