Sprint’s New HTC Evo 4G Great, but No Top-tier Service yet in Denver

Sprint’s newly launched HTC Evo 4G – the nation’s first 4G cellphone – is perhaps the most significant development in the wireless industry since Apple’s revolutionary iPhone hit stores in 2007.

4G refers to Sprint’s broadbandlike WiMax network, offering download speeds that are up to 10 times faster than existing 3G networks. Sprint says average 4G download speeds range from 3 megabits to 6 megabits per second – comparable to Qwest’s home broadband service. Though Verizon and AT&T are sure to follow, Sprint has the only active 4G wireless network in the country, which is why the latest AT&T-tied iPhone unveiled Monday is called iPhone 4 and not iPhone 4G.

The catch is that Sprint’s 4G service, available in at least 32 markets, has yet to launch in the Denver area. It had been expected to hit Denver by early summer, but those plans have since changed to “later this year.” Sprint’s website notes 4G service will be available in Denver “in the near future.”

While 4G isn’t available here, you can take advantage of the faster network when visiting such cities as Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Las Vegas.

The Evo hit stores Friday for $199 with a two- year contract and after a $100 mail-in rebate. Service with unlimited calling, data and text messages runs $79.99 a month, which includes a $10-per-month Evo-specific fee.

IPhone vs. Evo: reviewing some key features By Andy Vuong

The 4.3-inch display, compared with the iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen, is the Evo’s best feature for Colorado users because 4G service isn’t yet available. The larger, multitouch screen means the Evo is slightly bigger and heavier than other smartphones, but the trade-off is worth it. For example, the full denverpost.com site appears clearly in landscape mode without zooming in.

The 1-gigahertz Snapdragon processor is speedy. Programs load noticeably faster than they do on the iPhone.

The Apple App store boasts about 200,000 programs and games, four times more than what’s available for the Android operating system. Even so, I found that most of the apps that I use on the iPhone are also available in the Android store.

Drains much faster than the iPhone. The Evo barely made it through a full day’s use, even with several hours of pure stand-by.

The kickstand on the back of the device is a simple but useful feature. It’s used to stand the phone up in landscape mode, handy for watching videos.

Is it worth dumping the iPhone or other smartphone for the Evo? Yes, if your contract is up. If not, it’d be worth waiting until 4G hits Denver to switch.

Andy Vuong: 303-954-1209, avuong@denverpost.com or twitter.com/andyvuong

AP News: Sprint’s New HTC Evo 4G Great, but No Top-tier Service yet in Denver Area.

Could Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G Be Launched With Massive Defect In Included 8GB MicroSD card?

As June 4th edges closer, it seems that HTC and Sprint could potentially have a huge problem with one of the most hyped up device of 2010. The HTC Evo could have a serious defect in the included storage department.

Evo user, MG Siegler, has been using this device ever since Google handed them out to attendees at this years Google I/O. The rumored defect is that the 8gb microSD card that ships with this device, randomly stops working and would then appear corrupt or empty. While a simple reboot would fix this issue temporarily, the problem would happen again. Siegler stated that it all started occurring on day 2 of using this device and has almost everyday since he has been heavily testing , and using the phone as a camera, camcorder, browser, and other features.

Below are some apps that are failing unpredictably:

  • The camera app starts complaining that it can’t save pictures due to bad permissions, specifically: “Unable to save file to SD card due to insufficient file permissions”.
  • TuneWiki, a music app, goes crazy and almost freezes the phone while trying to play the playlist that is loaded into its memory but failing at accessing the card.
  • The gallery app sees no pictures.
  • The ASTRO app shows a mix of empty and unavailable dirs in a state I’d never seen before.

While it is unclear the root cause of this issue, it appears that users are split with some saying that it is a software issue others saying it is a faulty microSD card. I doubt that there’s a bad batch of microSD cards in everyone of these devices handed out so if it is a software issue let’s hope a simple OTA update can fix this problem as this could be a huge hiccup for one of the most anticipated launches in Sprint’s history.

If you were lucky enough to attend Google I/O 2010 and have not had this happen to you, beware as  you may lose your data, like in this case, unless the bug is fixed. Without further ado, I am posting this to bring Google’s, Sprint’s, and HTC’s attention to the matter as well as gather some feedback from those of you who were also affected.

Are you having this issue with your EVO? Please share it in the comments below!

***Update: The Evo AndroidSPIN received has been having these issues as well. The phone had to be restarted twice before it would work properly, however that has only been a one time occasion.***

Source: AndroidPolice

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