How To Master Reset Samsung Infuse 4G SGH-i997

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Samsung Infuse 4G SGH-i997

samsung infuse 4g

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Did you mess up your phone while rooting it, installing third-party apps or playing with the settings?

I rooted my phone and decided to install some stuff on it. I installed some third party apps which messed up my phone. It wouldn’t go past the Samsung and AT&T logo. The screen was black and it would vibrate but not show anything.
I searched all over the internet on how to reset this thing but all they said was “Press the volume down button and power button”. I tried that over and over but it went to the Samsung and AT&T screens as usual…

Well here is how it should be done.

1. Press BOTH + and volume buttons and the power button TOGETHER for 5 seconds.

2. Release all the buttons

3. A screen will come up with yellow text..

4. Go down to DELETE ALL USER DATA using the volume + and – buttons then press the Power button

5. Reboot phone


That’s how you master reset the Samsung Infuse 4G

Now your phone should be restored and ready to go


OR you can restore your whole firmware.


Samsung in the 1930s.

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