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Do you have relatives worldwide that you would love to call, but the pricing is a killer nowadays? Does your cell phone carrier charge you an arm and a leg just for one minute? I have a solution that can get you calls to many countries for free or at a very cheap rate!

Introducing Rebtel, the world’s best international calling company. I personally have been using it for over 2 years and it never failed me once!

There are countries that you can call for free called the Rebtel Countries. You can see these countries here. If the country you wish to call is there, then it’ll be free to call!

The way it works is like this. I live in Illinois and my area code is 708. If I wish to call my friend in Jordan, and his area code is 079, it’ll make us both a local number. For example, when I type in my phone number and his phone number, it will make us “new numbers.” The number I will call him with will be a “new” 708 number, and for him to call me will be a “new” 079 number.

With these “new numbers” made, if I wanted to call him, I would call the 708 number. When he answers, I will tell him “Hey. It is Odai. Hang up and call the number you saw on your caller ID”. You stay on the line and he hangs up. He calls the number back and you talk as much as you want. You both get charged just for local minutes. So if you have an Unlimited minutes plan, then you are good to go!

If you wish to do direct calling, they have amazingly cheap fees. When I call my grandma in Jerusalem (it is in an Israeli occupied area), the rate for a landline will be 1.2 cents a minute. Super cheap right? Many people want to call India as well. The rate for a landline or a cell phone will be only 1.79 cents a minute. If you want to see the standard rates for calling people, click here.


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It gets even better, if you sign up under my referral link and make a payment, you get a bonus $5!  Go to the sign up page here and under where you can put a pin number, it says “Got a voucher or referral code?”, click it and enter my referral code. My referral code is 0732150555 or to make it easier, click Here.

To top all this off, after you register, you can download the app for the iPhone, for Android, for Blackberry.

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Here is a screenshot of my call history


Get Free To Very Cheap International Calling To Over 50 Countries! ‹ HotTips!.



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