Msg from AT&T – There is a Fault in the AE-35 Unit

There was a problem with your request.

P1015: We’re sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request. For non iPhone related upgrades, please call Customer Care at 1-888-867-4384 and provide the error number at the beginning of this message.

Due to a system upgrade the site is temporarily unavailable, please try again later. For immediate assistance please contact customer service at 1-800-331-0500. HTTP Status 404 – /olam/loginAction.olamexecute

Status report

message /olam/loginAction.olamexecute

description The requested resource (/olam/loginAction.olamexecute) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/5.0.28

So, you want to Pre-Order the New iPhone 4 ?Ā  Take a number, hmmm, wait you cant even do that.

Their Computers are overloaded with Pre-Orders. I would even say not overloaded, I would say crashed, blue screen of death, server down, could even be the dreaded 301 boot error šŸ™‚

So is Apples online Store. RadioShack and BestBuy can not do anything either.

So, no online order, no over the phone order, no walk in order, Hmmmmm. šŸ™Ā  Wow !! Wheres that Cloud Computing when you need it šŸ™‚

Even if you go to a AT&T Store you cant pre-order, their computers are not working.

Noticed Twitter had a Fault in their AE-35 Unit last night too.

Will keep you posted. Keep pressing the F5 (Refresh) key šŸ˜€

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