Iphone4 and BlueAnt Z9i bluetooth headset problems

Kevin here.
Finally got my iPhone 4. So far so good on it working just perfectly. Then I went to hook up my BlueAnt Z9i earpiece to it and the i4 would not even see it. Worked great on my G3 and 3GS. After looking up the iPhone 4 bluetooth problems on Google, I see that its something with iOS4, even with some 3G phones that upgraded to 4.0 started having bluetooth problems.
I found out if you go to BlueAnts website  http://www.myblueant.com/support/login.php and download the 1.1 firmware uptate, then it will work with the iPhone 4. Getting your windows to do the firmware upgrade is a adventure 🙂

Of course you have to have that mini usb cable that came with the Z9i too. Sure glad my Jawbone headset worked ok. Checking on a firmware upgrade for it too just in case.

So hopefully when Apple comes out with 4.01/4.1 they will fix some of the bluetooth problems too.

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