iPhone OS 4.0 to Feature Flashlight Mode?

We are not sure if this is a bug or a feature but if you try to push the power/sleep button for three times in a row on the lockscreen, the iPhone goes right into flashlight mode showing bright white screen. I have also tested this and it appears to be working on iPhone OS 4 Beta 4.

Could this be one of those useful little things like “Screenshot Capture” in iPhone which Apple is so good at implementing? Most likely yes. What do you think?

Apple is now all set to unveil the next-generation iPhone for general availability at the annual WWDC 2010 conference on June 7. iPhone OS 4 is also expected to be released at the same event. [via MacStories

via iPhone OS 4.0 to Feature Flashlight Mode? [Video] | Redmond Pie.

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