iPhone 5 to Feature SIM-less design-A5 processor and 8MP Camera

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It’s looking more and more likely that the next iPhone model update will miss the usual June/July launch window. There is some speculation that it may not even be released until the spring of 2012 at the earliest. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait that long for a new iPhone model, however.

Japanese website macotakara is reporting, “According to an anonymous source, this reported product by DigiTimes is improved model of iPhone 4 on same form factor, and uses ARM Cortex-A9 chip as CPU, but it is not confirmed whether this model has single CPU or with dual CPU’s.” Although English does not appear to be their first language, the bullet points are clear, the next iPhone will be quite an improvement over the existing model. It is also expected to look very similar to the current iPhone 4 and include an 8MP camera, although it is unlikely to come from Sony as previous reports indicated.

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Reports also indicate that this may be the first SIM-less iPhone. This design would include 3-4 internal antennas that would be compatible with both GSM and CDMA wireless carriers, making this a so-called ‘world phone.’ This design would reduce production costs for Apple considerably, as they would only need to manufacture one iPhone model. This single design would then be compatible with a wide variety of wireless providers.

The next model may not even carry a ‘5’ in its model name, but follow in the footsteps of the 3GS and be named the ‘iPhone 4S’ instead. It is not expected to include ‘4G’ in the model name because it is not expected to be compatible with existing 4G networks as of yet.

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With Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference starting next week, hopefully, Apple will let a few of their iPhone hardware plans out of the bag a little early. At the very least, the future of iOS 5 should be revealed at the event. New hardware designs that take advantage of the latest operating system can’t possibly be too far behind.

Source: AppleInsider


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