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Apple fan boys are rejoicing today, as the iPhone 4 finally arrives in stores. Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip review the next generation phone that measures 0.37″ thin with the new Retina Display, 5 megapixel camera, HD video and more.

What You Need to Know

  • The iPhone 4 is amazingly thin and light (though a little heavier than the 3Gs)
  • It’s not as smooth as other iPhones, but it still feels sturdy
  • The phone has oleophobic glass on both sides (it’s supposed to repel fingerprints), but you can still see a ton of them
  • OLED screens are more vibrant, but don’t seem as bright as the retina display
  • The retina display looks a lot smoother and more detailed (960 x 640 versus 800 x 480)
  • Now that larger phone screens are coming out (like the EVO), the iPhone’s screen is beginning to look kind of small
  • The phone’s processor feels almost twice as fast than the 3Gs, especially when launching apps and running them in the background
  • Multi-tasking is not quite what we thought; most apps don’t take advantage of being in the background and will occasionally have to reload
  • It’s also not as easy to use as the Palm Pre’s card system
  • Making folders is also a nice addition; It’s simple to just drag and drop your apps and clean up your home screen
  • Overall, the phone’s touch screen interface is still the best and now that they’re adding functionality we’ve needed for awhile, it’s that much better
  • The 5 megapixel camera with LED flash takes great pictures, worlds better than the 3Gs and this is a huge improvement that iPhone users have needed for a long time (you can also take pictures with the front-facing camera)
  • 720p video also looks amazing, and you can edit it with iMovie on your phone (the iMovie app is a little confusing, but we were able to add transitions, titles, and make cuts in about ten minutes for our ten second feature)
  • Strangely, you have to upload your video to your computer to get the full HD resolution, because it automatically compresses it if you e-mail
  • FaceTime is also a lot of fun, and works well over Wi-Fi; you can switch between either camera and rotate the screen to change your view on the other person’s phone
  • Reports online are saying that if you grab the phone at the bottom, it may interrupt your signal
  • It hasn’t been consistently bad like some are saying
  • The underlying problem is still there, though, iPhones still drop calls on AT&T


  • The iPhone 4 is $200 with a contract, and now AT&T has two levels of data plans, 200 MB a month for $15 or 2 GB a month for $25
  • It costs $20 more for tethering
  • This is all in addition to your texting and minute fees

Overall Rating

iPhone 4 Review – G4tv.com.

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