I-FlashDrive Eases iOS iPad iPhone Memory Expansion Woes

Although there have been products designed to expand the memory capabilities of iOS devices before, none may do it quite as elegantly as the new i-FlashDrive from PhotoFast. This new product, about the size of a typical USB flash drive, comes equipped with the standard USB connector on one side, and a 30-pin connector on the other.


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Users have been able to attach a USB hard drive to iOS devices since Apple released the Camera Connection Kit last year, but i-FlashDrive seems to have an even easier route for moving files quickly to and from iOS devices. A free app store app accompanies the purchase of the memory dongle, that allows for both external and internal file management. The app will allow users to manage many file types, including photos, movies, and music – with native MP3 playback within the app. That’s some pretty big news.

The device is set for a mid-to-late June launch, unfortunately for us stateside users, only in Korea, but PhotoFast insures that there will be a U.S. launch not long after the initial release this month. The i-FlashDrive drive will come in three sizes- ranging from 8 GB ($95) to 32 GB ($180).


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For more information, check out the PhotoFast website, or the review of the soon-to-be-released product on Engadget.

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