BatteryDetective and BatteryInfoLite in Cydia Soon

I’ve been working on this project for the past 2 months. For a while, everyone asks whats killing their battery. The only real benchmarks available to people were the iOS Battery meter, and the handful of AppStore (and Cydia) Apps that relied too heavily on UIDevice (thats an SDK term for you non-programming folk), which is only accurate to about 5%.

So I went to work on these two apps. Because of how BatteryDetective polls directly from the battery driver, it can give you the most accurate, up to date information about your battery. Due to this, using private frameworks, it can only be released to jailbroken devices, available soon in Cydia.

So there are 2 apps from this. The first is a free app (ad supported). BatteryInfoLite. This app just simply displays detailed battery information, updating realtime. No other AppStore nor Cydia app gives this amount of detail!

The second, and probably most important app, is BatteryDetective. Due to the information required, that is only available on certain devices, BatteryDetective is limited to iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and iPad. I’m hoping to be able to add support to other devices in the future, however for now this is it.

BatteryDetective’s key feature is showing the amount of drain that Applications and Settings put on your device. BatteryDetective analyzes backgrounded applications (compatible with iOS 3.x and Backgrounder, and iOS 4.x’s native multitasking), and determines the amount of drain that they are pulling on your battery

In addition, BatteryDetective has a “Manual Mode”, which allows you to test how much drain on your battery Settings (3G/WiFi/Bluetoth, even the iPhone 4′s flash) have on your device.  This mode is best in conjunction with SBSettings, so that quitting the app is not necessary.

So Application Analysis, Settings Analysis, BatteryDetective also includes the BatteryInfo that BatteryInfoLite has, without the advertisements.  BatteryDetective will be available soon in Cydia for $1.99.

BatteryDetective and BatteryInfoLite in Cydia Soon «

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