App Cooker – Overview


This should be nice for all of you ios programmers out there


Managing iOS projects

Whether you’re an indie developer, an established company or an amateur, App Cooker is the perfect tool to bring your iOS application ideas to life. Start with an idea, a sketch or an icon, then utilize the App Board to organize and inspire your work as you go. It’s easy for anyone to use yet achieves professional standard results. App Cooker is the best solution for planning and perfecting your projects until they are ready for production.

Think, make, test and share iPhone & iPad projects, BIG or small.

My2Cents: Bits und so im iOS App-Store

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Welcome on the App Board!

The App Board gathers your concept plans, mock-ups, icons, App Store info and pricing strategy into a single work area. It is the backbone of every project and keeps your work organized. Nice and clear.




App Cooker – Overview.


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