Weekly Jailbreak App Store Update

Here’s what new and updated in the Jailbreak App Stores on Rock and Cydia.

Paste A Pastie.org Client
App by Chpwn
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Paste is a handy tool developed by @Chpwn, creator of Infinidock and InfiniFolders. Basically the application, Paste, allows you to send text/code via Paste using the service Pastie.org. When you open up Paste, your clipboard is automatically pasted and ready to be uploaded to pastie.org or you can clear it and type something else.When you press submit, your paste will be submitted, and then contents of your clipboard will be replaced with the Pastie URL of your psate.

This can be found in Cydia and Rock for free.

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Tlert has recently received several updates and continues to grow and become one of the cleanest SMS add-on available for your jailbroken iDevice. It replaces the intrusive pop-ups, and allows you to take control of your SMS/MMS. It integrates a great quick reply system, and allows you to easily mark messages as read from any screen, even letting you customize the look of notifications. Best of all, there is almost no memory loss and everything runs smoothly.

Tlert is available via Rock for $6.99. I highly suggest checking it out.

Remove Background SBSettings
Toggle Tweak
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This handly little SBSettings toggle, allows you to remove all background processes in one tap. Simply tap the toggle and it will close all apps currently running in the background. This is great if things start getting a little too sluggish.

You can find this on Cydia and Rock for free.

Unlocking App

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If you missed it, earlier this week ultrasnow was updated which brought improved battery life for phones on standby. This update can be found on the ultrasn0w repo via Cydia or Rock.

And the list goes on… Almost all of these are now iOS 4 compatible.

TetherMe – Enable Basic Tethering on your iPhone
FaceBreak – Enables FaceTime over 3G.
Locktopus – Incredibly simple password protection for your iDevice.
Longitude – Google Latitude Background Tracking.
Kirikae – Background Multitasking Client
SpringJumps – Jump to pages using a SpringJump icon.
aTimeTool – An automation tool and scheduler for your iPhone (via Rock)
Call Controller – Uses the built in accelerometer to control your calls, auto reply SMS when a call is blocked, single record deletion on phone’s history.

More updates available….

Rock 2.56.3
Secure Login
AndroidLock XT
Camera Preview Disabler

MMi Weekly Jailbreak App Store Update: August 10th, 2010.

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