Suggested Cydia Packages All jailbreakers should try!

Suggested Cydia Packages All jailbreakers should try!

Not all the Applications that are listed in the post are free from cydia, however some people have taken the liberty of “Cracking” the apps found on cydia as well. This requires adding repositories into cydia’s data base, which is easy, if you know what those data bases are, and how to add them

Here are some Apps I believe all Jailbroken iPhones owners should look into. All of these are found in either Cydia or Rock, or both:


“3G Unrestrictor” (make your apps “think” they are on WiFi, and do anything, anywhere). This will come in handy if you want to use “FaceTime” anywhere! haha

“Winterboard” (custom theme application) – iOS 4.0 TESTED

“SBSettings” (absolute best and a huge time saver. Places all of your most useful settings options right to your home screen in a cool attractive way. it also lets you HIDE those Apps you can’t delete but don’t, like Messages and Compass so they don’t take up space.)

“Categories” (Puts applications into folders on your homescreen) This is not necessary if you are running iOS 4.0. Apple’s folder system is more efficient and much easier to use.

“Cyntact” (puts your contacts display pictures from your address book, and applies that thumbnail to your contacts list)

“FontSwap” (Change the Fonts of certain app text, or your whole system if you want!)

“OpenSSH” (Extremely valuable if you ever need an external hard drive fast, or a variety of other uses. It’s dangerous if you don’t know what your doing though, so use at your own risk)

“YourTube” (download ANY iPhone-playable video from YouTube in high quality… right on your phones drive. SSH later to put it on your computer!)

“iBlacklist” (the superior solution to blocking calls from bad numbers or hasslers, both incoming and outgoing. it has TONS of other features as well)

“MultiIconMover” (Move more than one icon on your home screen at a time. saves time when rearranging lots of apps.. instead of 1 at a time, how about 20?)

“MyWi” (Turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot!) NOTE: iOS 4.0 users MUST install “MyWi 4.0”. The normal “MyWi” is not compatible with iOS 4.0.

“Ringtones3” (make any song in your music folder into a ringtone, free, and directly on your phone!)

“iBlueNova” – Share files from your iPhone, to any other phone (not only iPhones) via BlueTooth.

“Backgrounder” which allows applications to run in the background the normally would not. (iOS 4.0 features multitasking. if you have it already, you do not need backgrounder. Apple’s version of multitasking is more efficient, and easier to use). This is a great app for iPhone 3G users though.

Install0us – Allows users to download “cracked” versions of App Store Applications for their iDevices (for free). This requires a couple things, and you’ll find that information in the “Additional Sources” thread on the Discussion Board>>>>

If your satisfied with your progress so far, and you’d like to try that, click here:

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