Simcumcise your sim card

Now that iPhone 4 has been unlocked by the Dev Team, you will need to convert your regular sim to Microsim

This tool lets you convert any standard sim card to microsim card with our special microsim cutter.

Without this cutter, you need to cut the sim card by hand. And if you got shaky hands, then you might cut it wrong.

First you will need to measure the sim card, then mark lines on the card, then you will have hold the scissors precisely to cut the card and need to be careful to avoid breaking the sim card connectors. Many people have tried it and ending up with broken sim cards.

With this cutter, all the measurement are accurately done for you, just need to insert the sim card according to the directions.

Don’t need buy extra micro sim card for your iPad or iPhone 4G
Don’t need pay for double data fees. One data subscription
Use one sim card on all iDevices.
Easy one step operation..

Best of all if you order now, we will include free shipping to all 50 US states!

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Simcumcise your sim card.

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