New Firmware Umbrella in Beta Testing

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TinyUmbrella – Unified TinyTSS and The Firmware Umbrella in ONE!

EDIT: Someone is saying that you cannot obtain your shsh from Cydia if you use decimal. This is simply false. The value that iTunes sends in the SHSH request is in-fact a decimal ECID. It is NOT hex. You can get your shsh from Cydia using a decimal ECID. You do NOT have to do some crazy stuff that some guy posting in the comments said. If you MUST have your ECID in hexadecimal, you can right click on the ECID text field and Copy (Hex). This will copy your ECID in hex format to the clipboard. (Not that it makes any difference whatsoever).

03.13.81 – Changes

  • OK so I fixed a huge error that rendered restores basically impossible because of some stupid oversight. Please update to 03.13.81 so you can correctly restore your device and not fail at the iTunes screen 🙂 Thanks guys – keep the bug reports coming!
  • I can confirm that restores work as I’ve used my own iPhone 3GS on 3.1.2 as a test.

03.13.79 – Changes

  • Detects if port 80 is in use and should properly report why it cannot start. I may add a feature to detect the actual PID that is using port 80.
  • Added the region info to the model number to aid users in finding the carrier to which their device is locked. IE: Model Numbers in the USA that end in LL/A are locked to AT&T.
  • Various and sundry minor defect/exception fixes.

03.13.73 – Changes

  • Added Log instead of a single label for feedback
  • Added context menu for ECID text and the Log console
    • Copy – Copy the whole ecid to clipboard
    • Copy (Hex) – Copy the ecid as Hex number
    • Paste – Paste the ECID in the clipboard
    • Clear – Duh?
  • Pastebin submission of log file (right click -> Pastebin Log)
  • Hovering over ECID field will display a tooltip of the ECID in Hex format
  • The OSX version no longer needs to be started twice the very first time its launched! (I no longer fail at execl!)
  • The OSX version now should work on Leopard (10.5)
  • The OSX version can be dragged into the /Applications folder

TinyUmbrella is ready for testing. I’ve done most of what I said I would do in the last post. TinyUmbrella is a combination SHSH file saver as well as local TSS server. For those of you that have no idea what that is I’ll explain.

If you have one of the following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod Touch 3rd Generation (32 or 64)
  • iPod Touch 2nd Generation (with a model number MC)

Then you have probably noticed that Apple does not let you go back down to older firmware versions for your device. Once you ‘upgrade’ they don’t let you downgrade. The way they stop you is basically by a simple response that iTunes receives when you try to restore the firmware of your choosing. See, the firmware is now signed for the above devices. It is signed with a unique id (ECID) that only your device has. Apple takes the firmware version files and combines them with your ECID and generates a hash that ONLY APPLE can generate. iTunes packages up this valuable information and sends it to your device. Your device checks the information and verifies the signature (making sure it really came from Apple because it CANNOT be forged as the encryption is very high). If the signature matches then the restore process can continue. If the signature does not match, the device raises an error and the restore process stops. Thanks to Saurik (Jay Freeman) we all now know how to circumvent this. Apple only provides this signature for firmware versions while the firmware version is ‘Active’. So once a new firmware version is out, Apple stops signing the older version and only signs the new version. This is why you cannot get 3.1.2 signatures anymore. Apple is currently only signing 3.1.3 signatures (and 3.2 for iPads). This will change when the next firmware is released. Soon 3.1.3 (and 3.2) firmware signatures will be a thing of the past and Apple will only sign the next one. The version is important. If you do not have the EXACT signatures for the exact device (ECID) for the exact firmware version, you cannot restore that device to that version. PERIOD. So, if there was a way to save that signature for later use, we could bypass the need for asking Apple (only to have them say ‘No’) to restore our firmware. If you have a jailbroken device, you can visit cydia and your shsh will be saved ‘on-file’. But if you are not jailbroken yet, or if a jailbreak has not yet been released for the firmware your device is on, you are just out of luck as you can only get cydia if you are jailbroken. This is where TinyUmbrella comes in.

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