limera1n 10/11/10 jailbreaks all devices

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GreenPoison only works on the new iPhone4 and iPad and iPod4g, so this new news of LimeRa1n is good for a lot of people stuck with their 3g and 3gs iphones on 4.1.


Alright, I chatted with geohot earlier today but was sworn to secrecy – although it seems the news made its way out anyway, so geohot said go ahead and cover it here. geohot is prepped to launch limera1n (we covered the possibility of such a software months ago) on 10/11/10 – the 1 year anniversary of the release of blackra1n.

Click the image  to open in full size. p0sixninja, who’s work on SHAtter has been vital in making it happen, has already set an ETA of 10/10/10 at 10:10:10AM for greenpois0n, his jailbreak for all A4 devices (iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G). geohot now has returned from “retirement” and announced a release the day after greenpois0n’s slated release date – with a jailbreak that would work on /all/ iDevices. The two jailbreaks use separate exploits, although greenpois0n uses a new one, SHAtter, while geohot has used the exploit in limera1n before (and yah, it still works). geohot hasn’t made an official announcement anywhere, so there’s still the off chance someone will randomly talk him out of releasing, but it’s looking pretty solid. There is some talk of p0sixninja even using geohot’s exploit in greenpois0n, saving SHAtter for a future jailbreak, but it doesn’t look like p0sixninja is interested in it, as it’d push back release dates even more. So… either way, looks like all you folks out there waiting for Game Center, AirSharing, AND Cydia… you’ll get your cake (pie) come Sunday and Monday. And apparently you’ll need a big plate.

limera1n 10/11/10 jailbreaks all devices?.

Update, Limera1n vs GreenPoison

Geohot has made a dramatic return to iPhone jailbreak scene with a complete new bootrom exploit and tool to pwn all current iOS devices on iOS 4.1 for life! He has been out for months, but his return is surely going to please everyone, specially the 3rd-generation iPhone and iPod touch owners who were left out by SHAtter based GreenPois0n.


This news has been confirmed by members of Chronic Dev Team on Twitter, to whom Geohot has confirmed about his return with a complete new tool dubbed as Limera1n. Chronic Dev Team of course isn’t too pleased with it, they want Geohot to save this new bootrom exploit for the future next-gen iPad 2 and iPhone 5 devices.

p0sixninja: yes, the news about geohot is true, the day after we release ETA he decides he wants a piece of the #pie

p0sixninja: and yes it is a different bootrom exploit, he wants us to use it in GP, but there’s no way we’ll make our ETA if we do

chronicdevteam: Note greenpois0n will be released as planned. if someone decides to burn a different perfectly good exploit, that is entirely on them.

chronicdevteam: It is actually him.

chronicdevteam: because his different exploit can be saved for new iphone / ipad / ipod, AND 3G S, you’d just have to wait a little longer

cdevwill: [7:45pm] geohot: eh, i’ll just steal your exploit [7:45pm] geohot: and beat you to the release Sounds like a nice guy.

Geohot seems to have timed it to perfection. 10/11/10 (October 11), the ETA of limera1n is exactly one year after blackra1n was released to public for iOS 3.1.2.

StealthBravo: The significance of 10/11/10 is that its the one year anniversary of blackra1n’s release. 10/11/10 is the targeted release of limera1n

So what do you guys think about this? Should Geohot save his exploit for the next-generation iOS devices? Or should he just go ahead and release Limera1n on 10/11/10, that is right after Chronic Dev Team has released GreenPois0n? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

UPDATE 1: MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team now chips in to confirm Geohot’s return, and the all-iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool Limera1n

As dramatic as geohot’s last-minute all-device JB is, still a shame that two bootrom holes will be burned at once.

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