Jailbreak Tweak Delivers Visual Voicemail Through YouMail


Thanks to an outstanding new jailbreak tweak from SaurikIT written by Dustin Howett, non-official iPhone users (like those of us on T-Mobile) now have an opportunity to enjoy visual voicemail. Essentially, the tweak delivers a YouMail option in your iPhone to give you visual voicemail built into the phone app.

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Until now, as we know, only the legit carriers had visual voicemail. These days, however, the JB community is expanding the access of this sweet feature. The most noteworthy new bells and whistles, naturally, are the new settings to your voicemail. After you install the tweak, simply go to where your voicemail icon is located (it will now say “YouMail”). From there, you’ll need to register (if you haven’t already), which is free to do.

Once you’re signed up, all your missed calls will be forwarded to YouMail. From there, you can create personalized, automatic greetings for specific callers. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can select from several professional premade greetings to wow your callers with. Additionally, you can now forward a voicemail that you find of great interest to anyone on your contact list who you suspect will derive equal amusement from the message.


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All told, it’s an awesome tweak that delivers a must-have functionality to your jailbroken iPhone. A nice tip of the hat to SaurikIT and Mr. Howett is, indeed, well deserved for this tweak, which is available now only in Cydia. Go grab it!

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