How To Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad Using Jailbreakme


It’s a pretty simple process… but for those wondering, we’ll go through it anyways. The jailbreak was just released by Comex.

Below you will find the process on how to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 on the iPad 2. The process is completely reversible by doing a simple restore in iTunes. It’s pretty easy as well, because Comex is awesome and he makes everything easy for you (and difficult for him, I’m sure).

Here are the release notes from the Dev Team in regards to compatibility. If your device doesn’t meet these requirements… you cannot use this until it does.


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Q: Which devices and firmware versions are supported?
A: In this initial release, the following configurations are supported:

  • iPad1: 4.3 through 4.3.3
  • iPad2: 4.3.3
  • iPhoneGS: 4.3 through 4.3.3
  • iPhone4: 4.3 through 4.3.3
  • iPhone4-CDMA: 4.2.6 through 4.2.8
  • iPod touch 3g: 4.3, 4.3.2, 4.3.3
  • iPod touch 4g: 4.3 through 4.3.3

1) Be sure you are on iOS 4.3 to iOS 4.3.3 (previous firmware is not yet supported). If you aren’t on iOS 4.3.3… update now easily.

2) Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your computer and make a backup of your current software. You’ll need this backup incase you ever need to restore later. (While you are at it, it’s a good idea to save your SHSH Blobs using Tiny Umbrella!

3) After you have made the backup, proceed with the jailbreak simply by visiting ON YOUR DEVICE! This jailbreak is done from the device itself, and not from the computer (PDF exploit in Safari). It’s done right from Mobile safari.

4) Simply click “FREE” and “Install” to download (like a normal app from the App store) and install it onto your device.

5) Congrats.. you have Cydia. Pretty easy yes!?


Another thing you may want to look into is downloading “PDF Patcher 2″ in Cydia. This will actually PATCH the PDF exploit that you just used to jailbreak (essentially making your device MORE SECURE than a non-jailbroken one). This package is also free.

Don’t forget to donate to Comex for all his hard work too. He does this stuff for free remember…

How To Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad Using ‹ HotTips!.


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