Apple TV – A new untethered jailbreak: iOS 4.3

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Seas0nPass has been updated to support an un-tethered jailbreak of the new AppleTV 4.3 (revision 8F455) software. Seas0nPass is the first jailbreak to support the new 4.3 version. Yes!

Apple TV

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What shiny things you have by updating to AppleTV iOS 4.3?

  • iTunes TV Shows: Purchase your favorite TV shows directly from the iTunes Store, and watch the shows you already own, in HD.
  • Vimeo: Browse and play videos from Vimeo, access your video inbox, and mark videos you want to watch later.
  • You’ll need iOS 4.3 is also required to access Movie and TV Show rentals.

What happens to my jailbreak status and settings if I update to 4.3?

Well, you’ll lose all your jailbroken settings and installed goodies. Remember, you can disable the auto-update in the Maintenance->Settings menu.

Is aTV Flash (black) compatible?

But you can then re-run aTV Flash (black, Beta 6) installer after jailbreaking iOS 4.3 and  you’ll be automatically be updated to the latest and “awesomest” version. In addition to that, you can get a new version of Media Player (0.7.1) from our friends at FireCore.

A new untethered jailbreak: iOS 4.3.

What’s new in Media Player 0.7.1?

  • More subtitle types, options and support,
  • Folder cover art,
  • Improved streaming, DVD playing, buffering,
  • Lots of fixes.

You can get this new version from the Maintenance->Manage Extras menu.

You can get the latest version of  Seas0nPass and its ever handy user guides here.

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Seas0nPass.jpgSeas0nPass provides an ‘un-tethered’ jailbreak for the latest 4.3 (8F455) AppleTV software. This means the steps listed under the “Using Seas0nPass for a tethered boot” section are not required.

Download Links
Seas0nPass for Mac [10.6 or later]
Seas0nPass for Windows [XP or later]
Video tutorial
Troubleshooting tips
Note: The current version will not add a Seas0nPass menu to the AppleTV – this is something that will be resolved soon.

Pre-launch checklist

  1. Latest version of iTunes.
  2. Latest version of Seas0nPass (use links above).
  3. micro USB cable.
  4. Disconnect any iPods, iPhones, and iPads from your computer.

Using Seas0nPass to jailbreak the AppleTV

Step 1: Unzip the ‘’ file and launch Seas0nPass.


Step 2: Select the ‘Create IPSW’ button to start the jailbreak process.


Step 3: The latest AppleTV software will be downloaded and used to create a custom ‘jailbroken’ software file.


Step 4: When prompted, connect your AppleTV using a micro-USB cable (leave power disconnected), and hold both the ‘MENU’ and ‘PLAY/PAUSE’ buttons for 7 seven seconds.


Step 5: iTunes will open automatically and start the restore process.


Step 6: iTunes will confirm the restore when complete – your AppleTV is now jailbroken!

Using Seas0nPass for a ‘tethered boot’

Note: The tethered boot steps described below are not required for the current AppleTV 4.3 (8F455) software.

Some AppleTV software versions require a tethered boot. This means the AppleTV must be connected to a computer for a brief moment during startup.

Note: The AppleTV MUST be disconnected from the computer (for at least a brief moment) after restoring in iTunes for the tethered boot process below to work properly.

Step 1: Open Seas0nPass and select the ‘Boot Tethered’ option.


Step 2: When prompted, connect the AppleTV to your computer via USB. Wait for the rapid flashing light then connect the power. Once both are connected hold both the ‘MENU’ and ‘PLAY/PAUSE’ buttons for 7 seven seconds.


Step 3: Seas0n Pass will complete the tethered boot automatically. Once complete, remove the USB cable and connect the HDMI cable.

Note: Timing is key. Once the you receive the success message shown below, the USB cable should be removed and HDMI cable connected before the light on the front of the AppleTV stops flashing. (Don’t worry there is ample to do this, so you don’t need Superman speed).


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