Victoria’s Secret App Brings Sexy Back to Your iPad’s Touchscreen


So far, the most fun I’ve had reviewing a mobile app is the best way I can think to describe the Victoria’s Secret iPad app – Wait, that came out all wrong (that did too!)

Moving right along…

The Lowdown: Think of the app as all the extra stuff you wish was in the print catalog. With the Victoria’s Secret iPad app, you get to see high-resolution catalog images, in addition to behind-the-scenes goodies, videos, commercials, and the option to buy items from the catalog all without leaving the app.

Similar to the print catalog, the iPad app is all about the apparel as there aren’t a bunch of options, settings, or controls to interact with. What you get is an app with the focus strictly on the clothing (and the ladies) with the actual functions playing the background. There are several ways to navigate the app:

Home – A rotating landing screen that displays images and other info about the contents of the VS iPad App.


VS All Access – Goes more in-depth to give you a sneak-peak into all the stuff you DON’T see in the print version (News & Events, Features, and information about the current VS Super Models)


Shop the Catalogue – The “Meat & Potatoes” “Carrots & Water” of the app where you can browse through the entire VS catalog. You can flip through page by page, view a page index, and even shop from the catalog. If you aren’t ready to pull the trigger, there is an option to add to your shopping bag for later.


Shop Online – If you know what you are looking for, you can shop and buy online without leaving the app.


Stores – Use your current location to find the nearest VS stores, their address and phone number.


Connect – Share with your S/O (and the world) what you like in the VS iPad app via all the popular social networking sites. You can also check out the VS YouTube channel as well as subscribe to get text message alerts of all the latest news and offers.


My only gripes about the VS app is that the actual catalog took a while to load (not that I was being impatient to see scantily-clad women in sexy underwear or anything – this was research), but that could’ve been because I was using 3G. My only other pet-peeve was that it only works in landscape mode. It would’ve been nice to see some full-length images when rotated to portrait mode (again…research!)

My Verdict: Any lady who spends more than $200 bucks during those Semi-Annual sales and owns an iPad will want this free Victoria’s Secret iPad app (iOS 3.2 and

Victoria’s Secret – world-renowned retailer of women’s wear and beauty products – has released their entire product catalogue in the form of an interactive app for iPad.

VS App

It is a catalogue mixed together with videos and photos of the most aphrodisiacal VC models.

From App Store:

Your iPad® will be sexier than ever with the first Victoria’s Secret iPad® app. It’s the destination for all things Victoria’s Secret. Anywhere, anytime, on-the-go, at your fingertips.
Effortlessly flip through and buy from our current catalogues, shop with just a tap, and find the nearest Victoria’s Secret stores. You’ll also find up-to-the-minute coverage of your favorite Angels—from photo shoots to star-studded store openings, fashion show exclusives, TV commercials, special events and more!

You can even buy products directly from the app, find the nearest VS stores and enjoy the latest and greatest news from the world of Victoria’s Angels (read: models).

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 19:  Model Miranda Kerr po...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Other features include the ability to share photos, videos and stories on Facebook, Twitter or via email. You are suggested not to share what you’re seeing in the app for the sake of not looking like a pervert. Angels are best enjoyed alone. [via TUAW]

Download Victoria’s Secret for iPad (Free)

Victoria’s Secret App Brings Sexy Back to Your iPad’s Touchscreen | Redmond Pie.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret new and improved iPhone app features  a barcode scanner – scan your fave products in-store with your iPhone, then buy them online in seconds! This multi-talented feature also reveals exclusive VS pics and videos.

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App users are totally VIP. They’re the first to hear about events like store openings and the fashion show.  You can spread the wealth with the new share function. Email your friends cool tidbits, or post VS photos and videos to Facebook and Twitter.

Victoria's Secret

And get this: there’s even a GPS-enabled store locater. So if you’re jonesing to try the new Incredible Push-up Bra ($48,, find the nearest Victoria’s Secret with a tap of your finger.

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