Apple’s iPad 2 Event by the Numbers

Now my iPads resale value just dropped by 150.00. If you check

They are going for around 350.00



The most important numbers by far at Apple’s special event in San Francisco today were 2 (as in iPad 2) and 4.3 (as in iOS 4.3). But there plenty of others as well, each a testament to Apple’s continuing dominance of the smartphone and tablet markets. Below, a quick rundown of all the metrics trotted out this morning.

  • 100 million iBooks downloaded
  • 2,500 publishers on iBookstore
  • 200 million iTunes accounts, each with a user identity and credit card number
  • $2 billion in profits paid out to App Store developers
  • 100 million iPhones sold to date
  • Nearly 15 million iPads sold in 2010–more than every tablet PC ever sold
  • Those 15 million iPads generated $9.5 billion in revenue
  • And they gave iPad a greater than 90 percent share of the tablet market
  • More than 350,000 apps in Apple’s App Store
  • 65,000 of those have been optimized for iPad
  • Far more than the 100 or so that Google’s Android Honeycomb OS will debut with.

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Apple’s iPad 2 Event by the Numbers | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD.

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