iPads replace registers?

Two weeks ago, I started working with DealmakerMedia and before arriving in the office that first day I stopped in at SightGlass to try the much raved about coffee. I was impressed by the brew, but even more impressed by the way they accepted my payment. When I handed over my credit card, the woman swiped it through a small plastic square plugged into the audio input jack at the top of an iPad. She then rotated the iPad towards me and asked me to sign. I signed the iPad with the tip of my finger and watched as my signature filled the virtual page. It was the first time I had seen anything like that, and later that day, while I researched companies online, “Square” came up with an image of SightGlass using their new technology. What a small, small world!

Square is a new company, only officially launched in December of 2009, but their success is already undeniable. Their product enables us to take/make mobile payments from any mobile device with an audio input jack (i.e. your iPhone, iTouch, iPad, etc). After customers sign-up, they are sent a free card reader to get their business rolling. Square makes it so we can lose the paper and instead have receipts emailed or even texted to us.

I think we are going to start seeing Square’s product and service pop-up in more and more places as it has so many useful possibilities. I am thinking: Farmer’s Markets, lemonade stands, dealers, garage salers, and just about anyone else who might need a cash register or an easy way to take credit card payments.

So… have you seen Square in action yet? Tell us about it if you have!

Here  is the iPad at SightGlass using Square

Here is the iPad at SightGlass using Square

iPads replace registers? Duh.Under the Radar – Tracking Early Stage Innovation.

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