Apple’s Mac OS X Lion, iOS5 Converge in iCloud

Apple opened the doors of San Francisco’s Moscone West June 6 to a horde of 5,200 iOS developers at its Worldwide Developers Conference. As usual, it had a great deal to announce and explain. Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs introduced the long-anticipated MacOS X Lion operating system that will become generally available this fall. 


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 06:  Attendees walk b...

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Jobs also unveiled the iOS5 operating system for mobile devices and the much-anticipated iCloud storage, backup and collaboration system. In a nutshell, Lion refines the already hugely popular MacOS with new features such as document versioning, much more efficient storage, manual snapshots and many others- some 250 features in all. Users also will be able to download the OS from the AppStore- disks are no longer needed. Next, iOS5 will come out this summer adding its share of cool new features, such as photo editing at the time the photo is taken, among others.


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Also, iOS5 will free iPads, iPhones and iPods from needing to be tethered to a PC- a development that met with a great ovation. Finally, the iCloud will store everything users create and save automatically in a cloud and share it – also automatically- with all the other iOS devices a user may have.

  • Performance Artists at the Gate

    Performance Artists at the Gate, Cloud Computing

    A colorful group of dancers greeted some 5,200 Apple software developers who lined up starting about three hours ahead of Steve Jobs’ keynote address to start the 2011 WWDC conference at Moscone West in San Francisco.

  • OSX Lion Rules over His Territory

    OSX Lion Rules over His Territory, Cloud Computing

    Apple introduced the latest version of its Unix-based PC operating system, Lion, which takes performance capabilities to new levels. Lion interconnects natively with Apple’s new iCloud, which also connects the mobile OS, iOS5, for the same purposes.

  • Upbeat Jobs Bats Leadoff at WWDC

    Upbeat Jobs Bats Leadoff at WWDC, Cloud Computing

    CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, suffering from serious health problems for the last several years, looked and sounded a little weak but nonetheless was in good spirits for the introduction of all the new Apple software. He introduced several of his lieutenants, who then detailed most of the news.


    SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 06:  Attendees walk b...

    Image by Getty Images via @daylife


  • Lion Uses Touch

    Lion Uses Touch, Cloud Computing

    Touch capabilities are a key feature of Mac OS X Lion. For example, users can pinch to zoom in on photos as they would on an iPad or iPhone.

  • NewsStand Brings Media to You

    NewsStand Brings Media to You, Cloud Computing

    A new feature called NewsStand enables users to subscribe to and save daily, weekly or monthly publications in a special place, so that bookmarks can easily be used to keep your place, should you have to leave in the middle of a story. Editions are automatically updated each time they become available.

  • Everyone Now Can Have Big Eyes

    Everyone Now Can Have Big Eyes, Cloud Computing

    Some of the new photo editing features in Lion include fun distortions like "Big Eyes." This shot was taken onstage at WWDC and immediately edited for all to see.

  • Time Machine-Like Versioning

    Time Machine-Like Versioning, Cloud Computing

    There are now a lot more controls in Lion for saving various versions of documents. The latest one will be the one available for sharing, but all previous versions also will remain available if needed. Artwork from previous version can be copied into newer one if needed.

  • Automated Versions

    Automated Versions, Cloud Computing

    All of this is automated, Apple SVP Phil Shiller explained. Users don’t have to think about saving previous versions of document, photos or others, because the software takes care of it automatically.

  • Lion Download will Cost Only $29

    Lion Download will Cost Only $29, Cloud Computing

    Lion will be made available for download through Apple’s AppStore only- no more discs needed for installation. It’s about a 4GB download and only one license needs to be bought for all of one person’s Apple devices.

  • iOS 5 Got New Photo Editing

    iOS 5 Got New Photo Editing, Cloud Computing

    Now, as soon as a photo is taken, it can be edited and freshened up on the spot, saving time for users.Â

  • iOS 5 Photo Editing, Color Corrections

    iOS 5 Photo Editing, Color Corrections, Cloud Computing

    For example, even color corrections can be done on the fly in the new iOS 5 on an iPhone or iPad.

  • iOS 5 Works with 3G and WiFi

    iOS 5 Works with 3G and WiFi, Cloud Computing

    The new version of the iOS will work in both 3G and WiFi and for iPad and iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch third and fourth generations.

  • iCloud: The No-Brainer Storage and Collaboration App

    iCloud: The No-Brainer Storage and Collaboration App, Cloud Computing

    iCloud connects all Apple iOS devices by backing up all documents as they come into the device and making copies of those available on all other devices owned by the user. This includes photos and music from the AppStore, too.

  • iCloud Also Updates Calendars, Contacts

    iCloud Also Updates Calendars, Contacts, Cloud Computing

    iCloud will be doing a lot of the thinking and saving for many users by the time it is available this fall. It will push calendar changes to all iOS devices a user owns, keeping them synced at all times. This will be great for groups with shared calendars.

  • Daily Backups to the iCloud

    Daily Backups to the iCloud, Cloud Computing

    It will be hard for users to actually lose anything with the iCloud and, of course, that’s what it’s all about.

  • Take a Photo, Watch It Multiply

    Take a Photo, Watch It Multiply, Cloud Computing

    When you take a photo with an iPhone, it will get stored on the device first, then transmitted to the Apple cloud- then to an iPad or iPod Touch, if you have one.  The originals are all in one place (the iCloud)- just made available on all those devices when you need the content.



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